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MeeplesonMeeples is dedicated to creating an interactive community where each week a board game will be chosen, played, and discussed. We will post the week's game at the beginning of the week, play it Saturday night, and post our session report and thoughts afterward. All are encouraged to find a copy of the game, play it, and join in on the discussion! We'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts!


What started as an impulse purchase (Small World) with some birthday money quickly exploded into a collection of over 100 board games.  I find myself drawn away from the solitary confines of my video gaming seat, and toward the table; face-to-face with friends and family.  Maybe it is the beautiful artwork.  Perhaps it is the finely crafted playing pieces.  Most likely it is the fact that I receive sadistic pleasure seeing the look on my friends’ faces when I come out of nowhere and screw them over.  Either way, visitors to this site have me to thank for “rallying the troops” and getting the Meeples together for regular game nights.  Or perhaps this is something I should not be proud of…
  • Favorite Game:  Heroscape
  • Currently Liking:  Cosmic Encounter, Formula D, Survive: Escape From Atlantis, Tobago, Sergeants Miniatures, Super Dungeon Explore… You get the idea.


When not delving into the rulebooks for the group’s next game night session, Purple Meeple keeps himself busy as a college instructor; and by helping his wife chase around their five wonderful little meeples.  Purple Meeple often finds himself traveling due to his employment, and often takes these traveling opportunities to stop in local game stores to check out the newest releases and talk to the local gamers.  Due to his visits, he also has a tendency to be the supplier for MeeplesonMeeples.  Purple Meeple’s games of preference often focus on longer, epic game play. Any suggestions?  Feel free to e-mail them at
  • Favorite Game:  Game of Thrones
  • Currently Liking:  Descent 2nd Ed., Ascending Empires, D&D Legends of Drizzt, Cosmic Encounter, War of the Ring, Flash Point


I am newer to the board game scene. Until about a year ago, I thought Clue was the bees knees. Then Adam asked if I was interested in turning my video hobby into entertainment for the masses, and the rest is history.  From the outside I wouldn't come off as a guy that plays board games. I have a passion for motorcycles and the mechanical world. All in all, I take a little from all walks of life. However, my dream is to break out of my cage and take over the world. Oh, and for all the ladies viewing out there, I'm the tall, dark, and handsome one.

  • Favorite Game:  Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game
  • Currently Liking:  Cosmic Encounter and Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery


Oh, what a difference a year can make. One year ago you would have been more likely to find me killing Locusts in Gears of War on the Xbox 360 than scheming on how best to screw the humans in Last Night On Earth.  Now, Saturday nights are dedicated to gathering around the table with 4 of my best friends and playing the role of Blue Meeple (and, ironically, hating the Gears of War board game).  I look forward to building a community around the games we all know and love, and those that haven't been released yet. Also, as the regular host of game night for MeeplesonMeeples, I'm currently looking for some new snack suggestions (healthy or otherwise).  Any ideas, hit me up at
  • Favorite Game:  Cosmic Encounter
  • Currently Liking:  Marvel Dicemasters, Coup, and Firefly


It has been the longest year of my life! New friends, new hobby, and a new baby all in one. I’m probably the most “green” meeple (pun intended) next to Andrew. If you had asked me what my favorite board game was prior to this year, I probably would have told you Trivial Pursuit or a good game of chess.  However, with my new role as the Green Meeple, I try to give my most honest opinion as a newcomer to the hobby, and what it takes to get into the “lifestyle.” Every week I learn a new game and then try to win, often successfully, despite the many attempts of the group to stop me!  I love strategies and learning what it takes to win, so let me know if you have a great strategy for one of the many games we play and review.

  • Favorite Game:  Panic Station
  • Currently Liking:  Flash Point, Cosmic Encounter, and Survive: Escape from Atlantis

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